Fused Glass Creations

Red Stringer Star w/Red Transparent

Cream w/Deep Red, Black/Brown/Ivory Streaky, Olive Green/Deep Forest Green Streaky and Pumpkin Orange

7.5" - Black w/ Spring Green and Black Stringers

7.5" - "Olive Green, Deep Forest Green, Deep Brown" Streaky, and Cream Opal w/ Orange and Spring Green Stringers - Sandblasted

Black, Teal, Deep Red and Cream Opals

Cranberry/White Streaky, White and Light Pink Transparent

7.25" - Red Trans, Deep Red, Deep Gray, Spring Green Trans, Opaline and Spring Green Stringer

"Black, Brown & Ivory Streaky", "Olive Green Opal, Forest Green, Deep Brown Streaky", Cream Opal and Pumpkin Orange

Golden Green, Pumpkin Orange, Opaque White and Butterscotch

Geometric Design with Deep Red Opal Border - Sandblasted Satin

Woodland Brown, Butterscotch, French Vanilla, Deep Red and Pea Pod Green

Dropped Vessels

Black, Deco Gray, Opaque White, Cranberry/White Streaky and Cranberry Transparent

6.25" - "Soft Yellow Opal, Deep Red' Streaky, Spring Green Transparent, Kelly Green Transparent w/Spring Green Stringers

Square Dishes

Spring Green, Opaque White, with Pink, Royal Blue, White, Spring Green Streaky

Butterscotch and Cream Opal w/Light Pink, Lemon-Lime and Yellow Transparents

Mixed Blues with "Woodland Brown Opal, Ivory, Black", "Olive Green Opal, Forest Green, Deep Brown", "White, Deep Forest Green, Caramel Opal" and "Dark Brown, White"


7.25" - Yellow Transparent and Cinnabar on edge - Sandblasted