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Shelliam Glass Studio is the small, in home studio, of two retired Corporate IT types.

It all started in October 2014 with a simple, one night, Adult Education Class, held in Morristown, New Jersey at the Glassworks studio. Each person was taught how to cut glass and was given the opportunity to create a piece.  We both created a tile, which we still use today as coasters.  We left our creations at the studio that night to be fused and picked up the following week.  We had fun and had decided that if the tiles were returned to us looking, even half way decent, we wanted to learn more.  Well, they were half way decent, we were hooked, we needed to learn more. 

 We found another studio, not too far away in Warren, New Jersey, the Glass Underground, owned and operated by Meryl Raiffe, a wonderful and talented, glass artist and teacher.  She offers some very intensive and fun glass fusing classes, and we have taken several.  Through her classes, we have learned all about glass, as well as learning about coldworking glass, cutting glass, sandblasting glass, screen printing glass, and of course kiln firing glass.  This is the list of classes we have taken to date

January 2015 - Basic Glass Fusing - Several projects were created in 3, all day sessions.
February 2015 - Glass Weaving.  A project was created using stringers and reed glass, cut and layered. 
April 2015 - Strip Construction - Several projects were created using strip construction method.
April 2016 - Intermediate Fusing Intensive - The class did drapes and drops, sand casting, screen printing, sand blasting and thick slabs.
May 2016  - I attended my first visiting Artist workshop at the glass underground.  The workshop was a 3 day session with Pavel Novak, an exceptional artist working with optical glass and color lamination.  Coldworking is an art in itself and I learned a great deal from Pavel and have two beautiful completed works of my own art. 
June 2016 - Another visiting artist session.  This class was with Jewelry designer Josephine Thomas, who creates some amazing jewelry, all starting with a few little pieces of glass.

We are now to the point of being able to create our own work, but with no studio to work in.  We have retired to Maine and had not been able to find a studio near by that we can work at.

So, we have started our own small studio. 

While our expectations at this point are to create for our own enjoyment, who knows where the future will lead.........

Thanks for being interested in our story and visiting our website.


Shelley and Bill